Winning Words

Unleash your kindness and let it run wild

Lots of conversations going on these days are about unlocking or unleashing our potential. There are so many podcasts, webinars, columns, and blogs speaking to the need for us to focus on our mindset …
Craig Marshall Smith
Quiet Desperation

This seems like dreams and weird extremes

Dickens memorably began “A Tale of Two Cities” with a perfect description of 2020, especially the first twelve words. It sums up, at least in my lifetime, the current world, where extraordinarily …
Coming Attractions

Help protect historic structures from the couch

For the last decade, HistoriCorps — founded in Denver and now based in Morrison — has been striving to protect the historic buildings that keep the stories of our country alive from disrepair, …
Winning Words

It’s not about yesterday or tomorrow, it’s about today

OK, so maybe we can reflect on our yesterdays. And yes, it’s awesome to dream about our tomorrows. But right now, it is about today. It is about this moment that you are reading this column. This …

Craig Marshall Smith
Quiet Desperation

This is for all the lonely people

If you have in-home family or companionship, please shove off. I’ll see you next week. This is for the others who don’t. My 80-year-old high school English teacher don’t. She’d love that …
Letters to the Editor

Letter to the editor: Missing something?

Missing something? I read with interest the April 16 article, “South Suburban facing cuts as shutdowns drag on.” The person interviewed, Rob Hanna, executive director of South Suburban Parks and …

Letter to the editor: The real sin

The real sin Nancy Pelosi has criticized President Trump’s intentions to reopen the nation’s economy as “almost sinful”. Speaking of sinful issues, lets look at something Nancy Pelosi, a …

Letter to the editor: Be wise on spending

Be wise on spending In these very uncertain times I think it’s hard to predict where we might be in a year or two, let alone more. The economy may rebound to its prior health or it may go south. …

Letter to the editor: Thank you for article

Thank you for article My heart lifted when I saw the altar at St. Thomas More in the paper. My daughter was married there and my grandchildren received their sacraments there. I must make one …

Letters to the editor: Councilmember Fey's comments at March meeting

How about an apology? We are distressed by Councilwoman Carol Fey’s reiterated justification for her vote cast on Jan. 7 against allowing refugees to continue settling in Littleton as well …
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